View From the Top: Stephanie Chung — President, JetSuite

Private jet charter company JetSuite took flight from Irvine, California earlier this year and has landed in a new headquarters at the Mockingbird Towers just west of Love Field in Dallas. The company has leased an entire floor at Mockingbird Towers and has an option on a second floor of office space. The company made the move after receiving an investment from Qatar Airways, and also is backed by JetBlue Airways Corp. JetSuite President Stephanie Chung took time to answer our questions about the company’s relocation. 

Tell us about JetSuite’s operations that have relocated to Dallas. How many people are a part of the relocation?
JetSuite completed its relocation from Irvine, California to our new corporate headquarters in Dallas in August 2018. We were fortunate enough to have 26 of our crewmembers make the move with us from California. We are looking to hire over 20 Dallas-area employees over the course of the next several months. 

What sets JetSuite apart from other private aviation companies?
As we prepare to celebrate our 10th year of operation in 2019, we are fortunate enough to be one of the very few private aviation companies to last this long. And not only are we surviving, but thriving. Fueled by investments from Qatar Airways and JetBlue, we’re preparing for major growth in our operations in the months ahead. What sets us apart from our competitors, I believe, is both the excellence of our physical product and our deep commitment to outstanding customer service. We offer some of the best aircraft in the business and our team is incredibly dedicated to ensuring that we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

In your site selection process, what tipped the scale in favor of Dallas?
Dallas’ status as an aviation hub played a huge part in the decision. With so many phenomenal aviation-related companies based in the region, the pool of talent in the greater Dallas region is truly unparalleled. Knowing that we were entering a major growth phase and would need to quickly find a large number of well-qualified new crewmembers to join the company, Dallas became the clear choice for JetSuite’s new home.

How does the North Texas area fit into the needs of your employees?
North Texas is a fantastic place to live! I’ve actually lived in Dallas for 10+ years, so I was thrilled by this relocation. I love that Dallas offers all of the benefits of a world-class city, yet the cost of living is still relatively affordable. It’s a win-win for everyone. Our crewmembers who made the move from California seem to be loving it. (Although they’re still getting used to this winter weather!)

How does DFW’s central location enhance your company’s operations across the U.S.?
We do a great deal of our private aviation business on both coasts, so being centrally located made a lot of sense for us as a company from an efficiency standpoint. Due to the nature of our business, a majority of our crewmembers work remotely in the field in the cities where we fly. This move to Dallas makes it easier for our corporate team to travel throughout the U.S., meaning they can better support our teams in the field. From Dallas, we are well positioned to grow our business, better support our teams, and launch JetSuite into its second decade!