Photos: TREC Young Guns Casino Night 2019

The Real Estate Council hosted more than 500 young professionals at The Union on March 7 during our annual Young Guns Casino Night. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve met this year’s sponsorship goal in support of the Young Guns Foundation Project to renovate the Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Center, a Dallas Independent School District facility located in the Forest District, as part of the Dallas Catalyst Project. We’d like to thank everyone who attended the event and participated in our raffle, members of our Casino Night Committee, our in-kind donors, and our sponsors.


Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Center Principal Rockell Stewart (left) and administrators 

Donald Wesson, Janie Simmons, Pastor Chris Simmons from Cornerstone Baptist Church

TREC Chairman Jim Knight

Gabi Shaff

Foundation Project Co-Chair Travis Gunter, Membership Engagement Chair Randy Streig, Foundation Project Co-Chair Fernando Ceballos, Casino Night Chair Eliza Bachhuber

Brandi Wicks, Coby Bullock, Euncie Martinez, Jeff Porter, Young Guns Membership Chair Johnny Begzos

Juan Nino (TREC Package Raffle Prize winner), Casino Night Chair Eliza Bachhuber, Casino Night Raffle Prize Chair Ashley Cummings

Casino Night Chair Eliza Bachhuber pulls a winning ticket during the raffle.

TREC Foundation Chairman Bill Cawley, Casino Night Chair Eliza Bachhuber, TREC Chairman Jim Knight

Steve Sacks, Jordan Sanmann, Lexi Hood, Tanner Hapeman, Carolyn Mulligan, Travis Turgeon

Laurie Frias Romain, Vanessa Salinas and Laura Rowsey Gibelli (KB)

Christina Shams and Janine Ng