Vice President and General Manager, C&S Propeller

C&S Propeller is among the former California companies that now call North Texas home. The company operates a full-service facility in Fort Worth devoted to the maintenance, repair, and overhaul to the 54H60 propeller system, focusing its business on the propeller system found on the Lockheed C-130 airplane. C&S Propeller moved to a facility in southern Fort Worth last year from its longtime facility in Burback, California. Vice President and General Manager Buddy Tobin discusses the reasons for the move, and how Dallas-Fort Worth has met the company’s needs.

What prompted C&S Propeller to want to relocate to Dallas-Fort Worth?

The company’s California lease was coming up for renewal and leadership was concerned with resources and the business environment in the state. Several business-friendly states were reviewed, and the decision was made to relocate to Texas.

In your site selection process, what tipped the scale in favor of the Fort Worth location?

There were many things that contributed to Fort Worth being selected as our new home. We reviewed cost of living, area schools, local crime rates, access to vendors, available resources, etc.  ... We decided Fort Worth offered a great community for our employees and a business-friendly atmosphere.

How does the Fort Worth area fit into the needs of your employees?

Fort Worth offers affordable living costs, access to quality schools, great community activities, wide selection of churches — and does all of this with a relaxed atmosphere.

How will the new location enhance C&S’ operations?

The lower cost of business enables us to be more competitive in the market place.

Did the large aerospace and aviation community in DFW play a role in your relocation process?

Yes, primarily with regard to access to personnel, vendors, and supplies.